It’s mostly safe, here, from the dangers elsewhere

Zebra’s bray with excitement and kick

Their friends in the rears to run off’n smoke

a crocodile swimming a camouflaged cloak

Looking to swipe a distracted pouch

The hippo watching closely nearby

It’s his water hole til the day he dies

It’s his even when danger approaches

A snort of exhaustion but it’s gnu again

He sinks deeper in the mud calmed cooled fears

All seems serene and peaceful then the lion appears

First one to the side, then two over there

All at the hole are suddenly aware

There’s a commotion as all eyes watch a few

Three turns to six the hole turns to half

One side all delectable, cowered in fright

The other thirsty and determined

 an eerie prom divided night 

yet the angst is for naught

all are here for drinks

unease swallowed in the calm

a haze settles as the sunset sits

a watering hole for all

home for a bit

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