“Come take my hand. I know it’s getting dark and every unknown sound creeps up your spine. Just a few more steps and everything will be clear…”


Ken Lewis

Hi and thanks for coming to my site.  I have written enough thoughts down, I needed a better place to disseminate all of this, pen to paper (AKA: keyboard clicks).

I started writing for myself, simply to open my mind.  I had a high school teacher that motivated me to write, after he kicked me out of his creative writing class for being an ass.  That stuck with me, until one day I got sick of talking about writing, and got to it.

I want this to be a community.  Where we share our ideas/thoughts and speak freely, yet are respectful of others.  Please no name calling or degrading comments.  Simply enjoy life and have fun here! 

This site makes it much easier to traverse my mind.  I write differently, depending on which format I’m in….

In 2018, I started writing for AINTITCOOLNEWS.COM. I’m grateful to work for the site as it allows me to hone in on a fun and light form of writing, I wouldn’t do on my own.  I write entertainment articles, book reviews, movie reviews and conduct celebrity interviews for them and love it!

My poetry is reflective and honest.  It’s the easiest thing I write.  I’m not trying to find anything but the truth in my poems.  Every Wednesday, I try to post a new one for everyone’s consumption.

Short stories will all be horror based.  I have so many eclectic horrific ideas, sometimes this is the easiest format to get them down.  Quick and anything but painless, or I’ve failed.

My first novel should be out before 2020 ends and I hope to put out a new one, every other year, from there on out.  I have too many dark stories in my head and space was getting crammed.

If you want to reach me beyond this site, you can at freddybeans@gmail.com

I hope you all enjoy and visit this page often.  Everything I do will be updated daily here, so don’t worry about catching it all.  Feel free to share any feedback you have on what you do read and don’t be afraid to challenge me.  We learn the most when challenged!

Thank you so much for joining me!!

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