Ya ever swung, Straight into the sun?

Not a care in the world, below

tips of your toes, separating horizons 

Falling back down, to a waiting ground

Safe and secure,

But Not meant to last, 

Always, Choosing the unknown

Dipping back, for more instead

Pulling on the strings of last chances

To fly high, AGAIN

once more

Flying into a dark sky

An ebon ocean, Heavenly swimming

Easy to drown in, pale beauty

a moon Calling and yet, you fall back, AGAIN

Escaping clutching shadows 


falling back, to a known safety net

awaiting you, your fall

Dredging new and stubborn paths

against all velocity

With feet in the sand

Cooling to a memory, Formed now far away 

To remember fully, Of an oasis of a day

When your toes dared Touch 

the surface of the sun itself

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