Come this way

Take these hands

Forget those safe

merry go rounds

That simply spin

Into the ground

Ferris wheels rising safely

Into pillowed clouds, no

Let’s go for a real ride love

A roller coaster

Seated for two

Sit back, relax

Hold tight, my hand

And so we begin

Gripping ever so tightly

As together

We scale new lands

climbing to the top 

always it stops

Peaked, smiling

As our securities drop 

Unseen force, pushing down

upon our shoulders

Holding us in 

ride of a lifetime

exhilarating and new

 then we are reluctantly 

climbing once more

Watching the simpler rides 

So safe and slow

Circling down below

Simple round and rounds

til we crest in the wind

Eyes closing to the majestic unknown

Falling quickly to a harsh reality

Twisting hard to our left

Fingers entwined tighter

Together we lean

Jerking hard to the right

Holding strong 

through the untold

feeling fearful, yet bold

united, a strength on its own

rising to heights 

neither has seen alone

dropping back fast

to truths ignored, that burn

fingers slipping, now unknitted

minds wavering, at once unsure 

strapped in too tight

unable to breathe

the ride continues on

fingers white, clinging to hope

clasping to bruised thoughts

loosened fingertips unclasp

a corkscrew, a flip

together now deceased 

we drip, we dip

finally, our ride ends

vicious loss of momentum

heads needing space

a future left alone

both of us sick?

Do we need to move on?
to those simpler… safer rides


Should we say our goodbyes

Lessons learned

Searching the crowd

Another who won’t

let fear be their guide

Someone who can hold your hand tight

Through the roller coasters of life

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