Sitting outside, sun burning my hide

Not a single sound on the road

Keep searching an endless horizon

Holding feelings that keep on slidin’

Having issues mobilizing

Know inside I must keep rising

But sometimes it’s so hard to 

get in

somewhere that’s mine has called

but I’m comatose and sprawled

red eyes blindly shawled

Besotted as I bawled

truth always absolved

I’m gone and forgotten

Road calling me along

stuck here in my song

Heartbeats not as strong

Hope I don’t stay here long

There’s nothing up ahead

That path dried up dead

It’s time to give up instead and

Get in

safer behind the belt

nothing like I’ve quite felt

So much simpler here

Put it in gear

drive through fear

Guide and steer

it’s crystal clear

You’re all alone out here, so

Get in

Let that wind lift your hair

Screw all of their stares

Who really cares

Time to give up


get in

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