Dark curled locks fall behind her shoulders

Hiding neck and thoughts kept from others

A pain handed off as a helpless child

A knife she alone brandishes and twists now

Everything new conforms to her world mold

Right, wrong, it has to fit, burns so cold

Blinded by a past she couldn’t control

So she digs and she digs deeper her hole

She walks all alone, no permanent home

Some think she’s theirs but she’s made of stone

She wants to belong but that feelings all wrong

Preferring a fantastical place to dip her feet

An imaginary home she won’t ever greet

A place she’s made to make her feel safe

Trusted blood partner in life’s relay race

Illusion so strong never find in another

Grasping tightly to a mind that’s vaulted

Waiting locked inside her all along

Crying to be heard and understood

A scream from her insides waiting to be validated

An avalanche of emotions avoided at all costs

Blunting brutal mirrors that make a person grow

Years of emotional ignorance now daunting

Crippling that determined destined ending

Alone again with no permanence 

She roams, no permanent home

Never bothering to ask internally why

She keeps putting herself last

In a race lost, long ago past

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