Breaking Free

Breaking Free

I am breaking free

Tired of the pointing at me

The blame in her eyes

Her delusional cries

I’m exhausted and spent 

How you choose to paint me

I see through the lies

My eyes opened that disguise

I just think it’s sad you’ve chosen

To live so dug in

A foxholed mind

Shooting optimism down

Wish you’d smile again

Cause I’m always around

But I’ve lost sight of why I’m here


I’m so tired of it

Yet here I sit

Drinking your darkness down

So now I’m the clown

what do you want me to?

Do with all your shared misery?

Rolled it up in a ball for ya

Even went and took the fall for ya

Still you refuse to grow…..again

Well I’m breaking free

Cause you keep hurting me down

And I’m gonna hurt you too

If you keep playing around

This hearts been beat into the ground

My skin no longer sound

These smiles fade too now

Like yours

I see clearly these days

Your sweat no longer in these pores

I either wither away

A lonely stump

Wood that refused to grow

Sadness always in tow

Should have grown old with me

But I’ve broken free 

I’m a tall tree that wont’ stop branching out

Take care of yourself

I sure hope you figure it out

I’m off now to shower myself in a brighter light

I’m breaking free

And you’re free of me

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