Not yet a teenager, awaiting his friends to arrive

She sat on a curb across the street nearby

He raced over to simply say “Hi”

She wasn’t quite ten, the bruises hurt him to see

Unsuccessfully she hid tears

and the cig at her feet

“Ya know, if ya need a place to stay” 

“I’ll be OK” the last he’d hear from her today

“Well if you ever did need me, anything at all”

He smiled.  Her too 

“I’ll be there”

Driving home from an underpaid job he arrived

Across the street once again he saw as she cried

“What’s the matter?  What’s going on?”

“My date is taking another to the prom”

Regurgitated tears now flowing like bile

“So, when will you be ready to go?” He grinned

She smiled annoyed, “You can’t!” She explained

“So, when do you want to leave?” He remained

“Let me get dressed and we’ll dance all night”

With a carefully placed thumb

To the right of her sight

Blunting her pain with one soft swipe

“I’ll be there”

Visiting his parents his family in tow, he saw her once more

He ran over as she looked down in the daytime

Cigarette burning freely this time

You really need to kick that habit” his eyes jokingly tickled

I’m losing a lot of bad habits” pointed to a trailer as she giggled

Stand strong, you’re beautiful and belong” he said extending a hand

“You spoil me, really you do.  So kind but I don’t understand”

He lifts her easy hand in hand “When’s moving day”

She shakes her head “You can’t” glaring his wife’s way

“Just tell me the time”

“Go.  Be with your family now but I’ll give you that time” 

Shook her head smiling as he next spoke

“I’ll be there”

He woke to her call, a silenced home since Fall

“Are you free? My fence blew over” she asked him softly

He creaked off his mattress said “Heat up the coffee”

Once a strong back but now aching, he sighed

She knew his words before hearing him reply

“I’ll be there”

Hung up the phone and waited

Til finally he was able 

to move fluid once more

She walked with purpose through moribund hospital tile

Reaching his floor she followed a known scent to his room

He saw her first shrunken chest portending his doom

She closed the distance placed a cool hand on his cheek

“All these years have passed; you’re my constant” she embraced

“You who refused to ignore me and never lied

You’re the steady friend that I couldn’t deny”

She reached out her hand. And said “This time 

I’ll be there for you”

She held his sad features smiling

He smiled back and closed his eyes 

Finished his dying

She sobbed to the sky

Told him all the reasons why

It didn’t matter he died

Wherever he had gone

She would be there

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