Folks see me strong

inside I’m crippled and weak

though my tears rarely speak

This head held too high

Lies built on a life of hurt

soul now buried in dirt

I stand erect

inside I’m a wreck

In the hopes you may be lured

False confidence a coping mechanism

Middling strength emitting

The panorama of the cured

Like a magnet it pulls you in

Animal, woman and man

Bathing in its strong glow

More you feel, less you know

what seems intact beware though

simply a façade, like most that’s shown,

merely a persuasion

Open your thoughts

Its there in plain sight

or flip for the act of pretentious might

falling for the hype

big talk before dropping in a fight

The way to true confidence

Is through baring independence

Allowing yourself to be transparent and weak

naked to all

bared to hear answers

we all seek

Freddy Beans

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