There you sit

So sure… 

in who you are

You are a superstar

And so you shine

Oh Baby do you shine!!!

You glisten

a star in an ebon sky

Want to make you mine

Oh baby, all mine

But there’s no holding you down

yet smiles always abound 

So I’m sticking around

Cause there ain’t another noise in town

That’s quite the way you sound

So here I sit

So insecure….wondering where I’ve been

Leased my soul

helluva debt collection

So I dulled

Baby, I been so dulled

Let myself fade out like a memory in sand

Yet you Found who I am

Oh babe, feels so good again

But there’s no holding you down

Smiling behind nimbostratus clouds

Can’t help sticking around

Learning who I am

We were 

Or the things we’ve found

But you

You’re soaring again

High off the ground

Another to charm

Maybe not so loud

Freddy Beans

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