I eat meat

Still my favorite meal

Sure veggies are okay

I simply prefer veal

Savory sight of a chicken

Sends thirst to my eyes

Shoving on my plate

Breast legs and thighs

Land animals are best

Though sea ones ain’t bad

Telling me greens are tasty

I’m afraid you’ve been had

Corn, peas and beans

They’re all truly ok

I’d just rather eat steak

Every single day

Blood smeared on my plate

That satisfied craving in my gut

I will eat any damned piece

even unkoshered butts

I love to eat pork chops

Bacon, turkey and ham

I will even eat processed wieners 

Chili and spam from a can

So to all those that insist

Leaves are truly quite the treat

I need only reply

I love to eat meat

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